Real insight into what's happening in the Kindle ebook store.

KindleTrend provides detailed analytics about top value niches in Amazon’s Kindle ebook store. Find low competition niches that open the door for easy bestseller status, drill down into exactly how profitable a niche is, and how difficult or easy to break into it might be, and view charts and graphs of many aspects to Kindle bestsellers that are rarely considered (like author gender or the day of the week books are published). It’s the ultimate tool for serious Kindle ebook marketers. Get real insight into what's happening in Amazon's Kindle store, what's selling, and what to avoid!

Figuring out what to write is really hard.

With more than 4M ebooks in the Kindle store, there is overwhelming competition for clicks.

There are THOUSANDS of niches for the Kindle - some of which are HIGHLY profitable, while others have nearly NO demand!

Kindle Trend is the SAME data that you've already been tracking in spreadsheets and Word documents, provided in seconds instead of hours and days!

The current tools still leave you with a lot of guess work.

The tools that address this problem today don't cut it - it's still a guessing game. YOU provide a niche, and they tell you whether they think it's good or not.

The other guys are looking at the big picture. They'll give you a score on a specific niche, but don't look at how it relates to its parent niches or sub-niches.

We look at all of that information, and give you an easy window into how it works.

There's no secret formula to finding out what's hot and what's not, it's just a matter of looking at the available data in the right way.

Now you can know exactly what you need to - and it's fasts and easy!

Kindle Trend has ALREADY looked closely at the Kindle data, and put together the numbers for YOU to decide AT A GLANCE what the perfect niche is for you.

Kindle Trend gives you the tools to not just see how your preferred niche is served, but to explore how many books are available in the many, many other underserved niches, equipping you to find profitable parallels.

Kindle Trend has already done the incredibly time-consuming chore of aggregating relevant Kindle store data, and letting you look at it in every possible way.

Features and Benefits

  • Every application update is included in YOUR Kindle Trend
  • No need to install anything – it’s all on the web!
  • Because Kindle Trend is web-based, if you have 2 computers, an iPhone, and an Android tablet, you can use Kindle Trend on every one of these!
  • Reduce your research time by up to 98%!
  • Super easy to use!
  • Affordably priced!

What are people saying about Kindle Trend

MTalks Headshot CloseupOptimization is a must if you want to get onto a top 100 list without a huge marketing campaign. I like Kindle Trend so much that I’ve made it part of my writing and publishing mastery course.

-Chandler Bolt, Best Selling Book System
adam_zook_facebookKindleTrend is absolutely a game-changer for for the Kindle Publishing industry. It takes all of the guess work out of where profitable niches are right NOW, which categories to position your books in and how to get your book to shoot up the bestseller charts. The easy to digest intelligence this solution provides is going to make me A LOT of money.

-Adam Zook, Kindle Author
In a world of creative marketing strategies, it is absolute refreshing and powerful to have this kinda of DATA to drive campaigns. Knowledge is power and this tool combined with Jon’s tutorials has already helped to lift a hand full of books to best seller status right out of the gate.

-Hollis Carter, CEO of Velocity House Publishing, and Bestselling Kindle Author

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Kindle Trend is temporarily unavailable for purchase. Look for our *GIANT* update in September 2017!